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Fitting Stephen Amell's 'Arrow' In The DC Cinematic Universe

Arrow League Of Assassins

Lately, I've come to think that Stephen Amell's version of Oliver Queen is magnificient. He's layered, but broken, and Amell portrays a very deep version of this character. Hell, Stephen gets less credit than he deserves, considering he plays three different characters every week on Arrow (island Oliver, present Oliver and the Arrow). Regardless, I think it's definite that Stephen Amell is one of the better television superheroes. Hell, THR even called Arrow "the best live-action superhero show...ever".

Stephen Amell as Arrow

The reason this blog post about Stephen Amell even being in Justice League is simple; a cryptic Facebook post by Stephen Amell shows two Justice League covers featuring Green Arrow. Is Amell trying to tell us that he's signed a deal with Warner Bros. to at least appear in the (seemingly 2018) team-up film, or is he just looking for free publicity? If it's the latter, he succeeded, but let's focus on the former for a minute. Arrow, in terms of popularity, is nothing but a bullseye for The CW and Warner Bros TV. It has proved successful in the ratings department and gets critical praise across the boards, at least in the second season. It's debut shattered ratings records in all of it's markets and the Green Arrow mythology is quickly becoming a part of the mainstream, including creating fans out of women.

With Man Of Steel seemingly being popular enough to warrant a sequel, this time sharing the screen with Batman, potentially featuring Nightwing, why not add one of the newer, more popular superheroes into the Warner Bros cinematic mix? Now, I'm not saying add Stephen Amell's Green Arrow into Batman Vs. Superman (especially if they are adapting Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns), but it would be interesting to feature a wiser, older version of Green Arrow (played by Stephen Amell) in the Justice League film. But how would this work, and why would he be older?

Stephen Amell

Imagine this; Green Arrow and Batman became vigilantes around the same time. They're both new to the game and up-and-coming in their respective cities and each have a goal of their own. Green Arrow, for example, is set on "saving the city" while Batman is out to "avenge" his parents' death. This allows Arrow to exist in the DC Cinematic Universe without a hitch. In Batman Vs. Superman, we'll see a seasoned vigilante, and since Nightwing is apart of that ensemble, we can assume that Batman has been fighting crime for at least 5-10 years; pertaining they stick to original comic canon, such as Year Three, where Batman meets Dick Grayson.

This would also mean that Green Arrow has been in the game for quite a long period of time and is familiar with threats of all kinds, including some of Batman's rogues(Deadshot, for instance). Hell, early in his career right now, Oliver is dealing with high-level threats like Ra's Al Ghul and the League Of Assassins, another link to Batman and the theory that he and Bruce became vigilantes in a similar time-period. Having an older, wiser Oliver Queen would give Stephen Amell a new challenge for the role and is the most logical way to insert the character and the show in the cinematic universe.

With Stephen Amell's older and wiser Green Arrow existing in this universe of characters such as Superman and Batman, it could offer a whole new perspective on the character. Perhaps he could be totally different from the experiences that Starling City and beyond have done to him. Could we see another major transition of character like we did from the pre-to-post island Oliver Queen? Not only would that offer something fresh for fans of Arrow, but people who have never seen the show would not be confused as to who this character is.

An older, wiser Green Arrow in a DC Comics film is nothing but a win for everyone. Seriously, everyone. Toy companies would get a new Green Arrow costume to merchandise and sell, Arrow will get HUGE ratings (if the audience enjoys the Justice League film or any other film that he may appear in). Also, Stephen Amell will get tons of publicity and recognition and Green Arrow comics will fly off the shelf. However, the showrunners of Arrow may not like the idea unless they work with the filmmakers to set the tone and story that drives this version of Green Arrow. For example, they could tell the filmmakers to hint that a major character on Arrow, such as Felicity or Diggle, has died. This would allow Guggenheim and company to set a pathway for themselves; it will help them guide the character of Oliver Queen to a certain place emotionally, and physically for the rest of the series' duration.

As I said before, an older version of the character we see on Arrow would be the only logical and reasonable way to merge the universes created by Warner Bros' film and television departments. It would allow elements from the films (perhaps, even actors?) to appear on the show(s) and the insertion of the character would not feel forced. I'm not sure I can say this about Grant Gustin's verison of The Flash; the first Arrow spin-off -- maybe introduce Wally in a film? But that's a story for another day -- but this method can be easily pulled off. However, knowing Warner Bros, we'll probably have a brand new Green Arrow or Flash appear on the big screen.

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  1. Great article! Everything seems to be thought out carefully and it makes a lot of sense. I look forward to more articles like this. You have some great ideas.

    1. Thanks! Don't forget to share it around!

  2. I have to admit i was prepared to dislike Arrow but after a few episodes it grows on you. Your articles are well thought and alot of the points make sense though i feel it would be a shame if they didn't use Amell and Gustin in the movie. The idea of Bruce Wayne or even Clark Kent < not as their Superhero personas > appearing on Arrow as a way of telling people that the universe was tied would be a good idea.